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Hardwood flooring is timeless and beautiful. From rustic to sleek modern, contemporary to traditional, there is a hardwood flooring option for every taste. Hardwood is an investment in your home. Our knowledgeable showroom staff and professional installers will ensure you enjoy your floors for years to come. We have a wide variety of species and colors to choose from as well as prefinished solid and engineered hardwood or sand/seal in place hardwood.

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Unfinished hardwood gives you a truly custom floor. Unfinished wood allows you to choose any color stain you would like, as well as the ability to enhance your project by staining any trim pieces or wood flooring accessories the same color as your floor. We use the most state of the art, dustless, sanding equipment that have powerful vacuum systems that attach to every piece of sanding equipment. This makes cleanup as easy as possible. A sanded and sealed in place floor has a more continuous, seamless look.

Prefinished hardwood is a good option when you would rather not take the additional time that is needed for an unfinished installation. Prefinished hardwood comes in an array of species and stain colors, strip (3 ¼ or narrower) or plank (wider than 3 ¼), traditional or hand scraped texture. Prefinished wood floors come with a factory applied finish that is extremely durable and each board will have a micro bevel on each side. This creates a look that emphasizes each individual board.

Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood Solid hardwood floors are usually ¾” or 5/16” thick, and milled from a solid piece of wood. They give you the ability to sand and refinish your floors several times. Solid hardwood floors are usually nailed down and can only be installed above grade. Wider planks are nailed and glued to prevent the boards from cupping. Engineered hardwood floors are made up of layers of wood stacked in a cross grain configuration and bonded under heat and pressure. The top layer contains the species and stain color of your choice. These floors usually can only be sanded once, if at all. Engineered wood floors are either glued down or floated, and can be installed on any level of the house, making them a good option when you want wood in a basement or area below grade.

Wood flooring is an investment in your home, for the best results these materials should be professionally installed. Preparation of the subfloor is important to ensure there are no moisture issues that could affect the wood. Using the correct installation technique will help your wood floor last for years. Your installer will ensure that your floor is installed according to the manufacturer instructions, keeping your warranty intact.


Keep liquids off of wood floors. Wipe up any spills as soon as possible with a soft cloth. Sweep, dust, or vacuum floors often to prevent dirt from scratching the surface. Do not mop or wet wash. Use protective mats at entries and floor protectors on furniture to prevent scratches. We recommend Mohawk Floorcare Essentials Hard Surface Cleaner and a soft terry cloth mop.